I am Sonia, an Italian who first met the Emerald Isle at the age of 20, when I had a 6 month experience to learn the English language. Today after having completed an important cycle of studies, I live in Ireland – precisely in Dungarvan in County Waterford – returning to Italy and traveling very often.

I am happy to have been brought here from life and I am looking forward not only to knowing you and your needs, but also to support you on the journey to this wonderful land.

During the school year I work with students from all over the world, interested in learning about Italian culture and learning its language; in the summer, however, I dedicate myself to teenagers, accompanying them to Ireland from the airport and staying present throughout their journey, meeting their requests and various needs, encouraging them and supporting them in their adventure. Having the contact of an escort on site certainly makes the difference for an excellent success of the experience, and this applies to all those who come here for the first time but also to their loved ones who live the journey from home.

I love my job and in particular to see people of different peoples meet and confront – from small daily habits to great values ​​- and I love to create the conditions for good, clear and constructive communication. If you decide to contact me you can be sure to find patience, reliability, diligence and … surely a lot of joy! What are you waiting for?