About me

My name is Sonia Bernasconi. Born and raised in the Province of Como (Italy), I came into contact with people of other nationalities, languages and cultures since I was a child.

After a path focused on Social Services, I graduated in Interlinguistic and Intercultural Mediation Sciences and I soon left home for Ireland, where I had already been for six months, and where now I have been working and teaching since 2015.

I love to work with people, especially with foreigners and young people. Since the age of 15 I have taken the lead in activities dedicated to teenagers and I still dedicate part of my free time to this age group.

I love seeing the beauty of different people meeting and getting to know each other, I believe in the study of languages as a basis for integration in a society and in particular the English language, which opens extraordinary doors, worlds and bridges of dialogue.

I enjoy helping my people in the discover of the Emerald Island and seeing the younger generations get in touch with a fascinating, friendly people with different and interesting traditions, the Irish.

In my daily life there are people from all over the world and in my work I bring simplicity, patience and joy, as well as organization and competence. In my spare time I like reading and being outdoors as much as possible, going for long walks on the coasts when I’m in Ireland or in the mountains and in the woods in Italy. I enjoy jogging, skating, gardening and cooking.

A full-immersion experience is an investment for your future!


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