Our families

The families we work with, as well as being carefully examined in the initial phase of the collaboration with us by the Garda (Irish Police Corps), are also selected and monitored by us.

Families are assigned to our students based on the interests they have in common and the age of the children in the family itself. We are always very careful to set one nationality per family, so that the student can practice English and benefit from the experience as much as possible.

Our families take care of transport to reach the school and the various services; and also all meals, providing a full board (with packed lunch) or as requested and decided in the contract.

We always encourage the choice of the host-family as accommodation as it guarantees a rich and complete linguistic and cultural experience, also a full-immersion programme in the family allows and supports participation in post-school activities and makes integration into society possible, allowing the student to establish different relationships and keep in touch even after the experience in Dungarvan.