Since 2015 I have been working with a language school called The Language People, a reality that has been active since 2012 with evening courses and summer programs for all tastes, definitely the result of love and experience.

It was founded by an enterprising and always active woman, after living 16 years in Germany. There he opened and managed a language school for 10 years and today is committed to offering the best at competitive prices in Dungarvan, a safe location in the Munster region, and at the same time full of leisure opportunities.

The focus of those who work at The Language People is the exchange and enrichment through foreign languages, and we are all native teachers who have left their land for various reasons and love to travel, meet people with different stories and who practice the known languages even outside the school context.

We work with passion, diligence and flexibility, devoting adequate attention to the development of language skills, for this reason we choose small class groups to encourage our students in their learning process. We also encourage cultural exchange by always inserting different nationalities into the working groups.

The welcoming, informal and pleasant atmosphere of The Language People allows the student to feel comfortable and to perceive great progress in a short time. We also collaborate with families, schools and local realities that make the exchange experience complete. Thanks to them, the boys are better acquainted with Irish culture and create the essential conditions for an ongoing relationship even after returning to Italy.